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About Us

What is COGO?

We totally get it. It’s a struggle trying to get the attention of the right people at the right time during these big networking events. The long lines, the crazy wait time, and sheer volume of people can be overwhelming sometimes. But what if we told you that we can help with that?

COGO! offers you a simple and easy way to manage your events, whether you are an attendee, or an organizer. Keep track of upcoming programs, get real-time updates on queues, exchange information, and get awesome deals and special offers from event sponsors!

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Our Values

Our mission is simple. We just want to make your life easier!

Technology has come a long way, so why not use it? Technology is already so integral in our lives, and within today's society. We aim to use the growing technology of our world to make even the most mundane of events easier, simpler, and more exciting!